ALA Team Light

It was so fun being on a Panel about Reaching for the Light, with Dean Robbins and Sean Rubin, creators of The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon; Walter Wick, with his new book A Ray of Light, as well as Ana Ramirez Gonzalez, the amazing illustrator who co-raised Elba and Norris in our Maybe Tomorrow? The moderator was Jenny Brown from Bank Street College of Education. The audience was … LIBRARIANS (our heroes).

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Librarians are Super Heroes!

I'll be giving truly short remarks before a panel discussion at the 2019 ALA Midwinter (in Seattle!). I love librarians. This sketch is a depiction of an early Town of Mount Royal, PQ memory...I remember being so glad to have a baby sister, Anna, since we could pile even MORE books in her pram. Learning English in part through picture books with my mom really defined me. Thanks, libraries and librarians everywhere!


Elba - an Origin Story

The galleys for Maybe Tomorrow? arrived!

I am so thrilled with Ana Ramirez's art work. This book has its origins in a question a student asked me (explored elsewhere on this site) but also in a simple ceramic rhinoceros, bought at Indrani's here in Brunswick. She sat on my desk for a while, looking dour.



In my original dummy, Norris was a croc and Elba was a rhino.



I love how Ana rendered Elba - hippo with Moomintroll undertones? Here is a progression of Elbas!



My mother, Margareta McDonald, is an artist. When I was growing up, I was surrounded by art supplies. How fortunate I was to be able to think in paint and pencil! In this photo, I'm with my sister and my cousin, clearly thinking very painty thoughts.